Employee Rights Denied by Workers Centers

The following are employee rights guaranteed by federal law under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) to union members or employees represented by a union that may not be guaranteed by federal law to employees “represented” by a non-union worker center.

  1. Right to express an opinion by secret ballot vote or card signature on whether a labor organization should represent the employees
  2. Right to dismiss a labor organization lacking majority support in the workplace by defeating its representation campaign or by decertification
  3. Freedom of speech within the union structure
  4. Freedom to assemble within the union structure (including forming an opposition group to the union leadership)
  5. Right to vote by secret ballot on union officers
  6. Right to stand for union office
  7. Right to inspect agreements between the labor organization and employer
  8. Right to inspect detailed union financial records to determine if dues are well-spent
  9. Right to a process to remove corrupt or criminal labor organization leadership
  10. Right to vote on agreements between employer and the labor organization
  11. Right to participate in labor organization meetings
  12. Right to vote by secret ballot on the amount of dues and fees owed to the local labor organization
  13. Right to vote by secret ballot for delegates to the parent labor organization’s convention
  14. Right to sue the labor organization without employer funding or interference
  15. Right to due process before a labor organization fines, suspends, or expels a member
  16. Right not to be disciplined by a labor organization for exercising LMRDA rights
  17. Right not to be “restrained, coerced, or intimidated” in the exercise of LMRDA rights
  18. Right to join or  not join a labor organization freely
  19. Right to fair representation by a labor organization, regardless of membership status
  20. Right not to be disciplined for filing a decertification petition
  21. Right not to be disciplined for filing an unfair labor practice charge against the labor organization
  22. Proscription against violence on a picket line
  23. Proscription against threats against non-strikers
  24. Proscription against threats that non-supporters will lose their jobs
  25. Proscription against “excessive or discriminatory” dues and membership fees